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  1. Ark Server Is down
    1. Ghostaunt


      Server is restarting
  2. krumen

    Help plz

    but one more thing is there any chance we can get are quetzels back to? we lost one we tamed yesterday that was lvl 80 after taming 119 That Putin stoll
  3. krumen

    Help plz

    ok thx we will do that Best Regards Krumen
  4. krumen

    Help plz

    here you have a picture
  5. i not sure what you say about rouge players?, where added one dude that wanned to join are tribe, so we did to be nice, but he fucked us over and stoll alomst all we had when we where offline, and stole animal and stuff to then then just left are tribe do you alow this on you server? and he did make it look like we where reaided