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  1. my friends steam names: GetStormed _SniperPvP (my another friend wont play on server anymore so wont include last name)
  2. My steam name is [TDG] Tom
  3. Oh nevermind found it
  4. Thank you so much, But im really bad at reading french will there also be a english page?
  5. Thanks for responding
  6. So yesterday my whole tribe got banned from the Team Exodia Ark Survival server for raiding 3 tribes in 1 day. We didnt knew that wasn't allowed and we want to apologies. We hope you will unban us and give us a second chance, we wont do it again. Our tribe name : SwampKing Our survivor names: TomDoetGamesNL lukasdoetgamesnl or lukasdoetgamennl pyrodaan _SniperPvP or SniperPvP_