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  1. I don't know if this is common but I built a exodia deck and dueled someone online. Immediately they insulted and shot remarks at me. After my end phase they quit and I had missed out on what could've been a fun duel. Can I have some insight into this? tubemate
  2. C'est surtout ça qui me freine, déjà que j'ai pas un PC fameux, mais si en plus je perd de l'utilisation à cause de l'OS et de tous ses programmes de tracking, là ça va purement et simplement me casser les burnes.
  3. thank u so much for the tutorial! tubemate
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    Discord Apex Legends France

    And its really well written, thanks for sharing the information in such a beautiful and well formatted manner. tubemate
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    Games With Gold By Microsoft

    thanks for giving the information about this. 9apps cartoon hd Regards