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[Hunter] Talents LvL100 pour les boss BrF - World of Warcraft - Legion

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J'ai trouvé ça sur le forum MMO-champion des Hunters !


Gruul is a pure single Target fight. This fight seems to have manageable movement, and therefore Focusing Shot should not be a problem.

It will most likely be possible to negate some of the AoE mechanics with Deterrence.


Another Pure Single Target fight. This fight also seems to have manageable movement in phase one, and therefore Focusing Shots should not be a problem. Phase 2 can involve quite a bit of movement, but one should be able to plan ahead.

Beastlord Darmac:

This fight is a Single Target fight with High Priority adds once in a while. This fight does include some High priority movement (if you get pinned you do NO damage), therefore I advise to use Lone Wolf if playing Survival. It is also possible to bring a BM due to the AoE needed on the Adds.

Flamebender Ka’graz:

This boss is mainly a Single Target fight, though adds spawn that must die at the same time (and ASAP). The adds will be spread, so dots are very useful here. There is a fair amount of movement in this fight, but I do believe Focusing Shot will be possible, if you are able to plan your movement.

Hans’gar and Franzok:

2 Bosses that share health. There seems to be a lot of movement in this fight, Focusing Shot is NOT recommended.

Operator Thogar:

This is a Single Target Boss, with plenty of adds that spawns from time to time. There will be a Fair amount of movement in this fight, and would therefore suggest using Lone Wolf if playing Survival - I am very open for discussion on this one.

The Blast Furnace:

First phase has plenty of adds. There is a fair amount of movement, but nothing major.

In phase 2 there is not that much movement, but still a group of adds.

Last phase is mainly a Single Target fight with some movement.

Overall I do think that Focusing shot can be a possibility.


Yet another pure Single Target fight. This fight seems to incorporate quite a few “move from fire” mechanics. Some are predictable, some are not. Some you need to react to immediately, some can be countered with wise positioning and planning.

Since the boss is placed where he is, pet pathing might be an issue. Because of that, Lone Wolf is recommended.

The Iron Maidens:

3 Main targets that needs to die at approximately the same time. Quite some movement, especially if you go on the Ship. Lone Wolf is recommended.


It seems like quite heavy movement - lone wolf preferred.

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Intéressant en effet et bon à savoir :). Donc en gros si j'ai bien saisi:

Gruul = Focusing shot ;

Oregorger = Focusing shot ;

Beastlord Darmac = Lone wolf ;

Flamebender Ka’graz = Focusing shot ;

Hans’gar and Franzok = Lone wolf ;

Operator Thogar = Lone wolf ;

The Blast Furnace = Focusing shot ;

Kromog = Lone wolf ;

The Iron Maidens = Lone wolf ;

Blackhand = Lone wolf .

C'est bien ça ? Moi ça me va faudra juste prévoir une petite réserve de tomes de l'esprit ouvert ^^.

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